5 Things I Would Change About My Wedding

5 Things I Would Change About My Wedding As the owner of Harmony Meadows Resort, I have the privilege of being part of a couple’s most important milestone – their wedding.  This is a memorable moment in one’s life; a day filled with a rollercoaster of emotions from joy, love, stress, anxiety, tears, and giggles.  Couples today have countless inspirations from the internet and social media.  I sympathize with our couples because the options are

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The Jaech Foundation – Scholarship Program for Students in the Chelan Valley

The Jaech Foundation Launches Scholarship Program Exclusively Targeting Students in the Chelan Valley Jeremy and Jacquelyn Jaech are thrilled to announce the launch of the Jaech Foundation Scholarship. After two years of legal work and IRS review, the Jaechs have reallocated funds from an educational trust established over 30 years ago to create a scholarship fund that will benefit students in the Chelan Valley.  The new annual scholarship is aimed at local students looking

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Supper Club

Supper Club at Harmony Meadows We have hosted memorable events for decades - good, old-fashioned dinner parties with people meeting people.  We are thrilled to bring this expertise to Harmony Meadows, featuring brilliant wines from the Chelan Valley. Elegance. Grace. Authenticity. Please join us for our salon-style soirees, in which we will revive traditional entertaining in a fresh and elegant manner.  The world and this valley need experiences like this now. Dinners are announced

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Love in the time of COVID – It’s still possible!

Wedding Planning During a Pandemic. You’ve spent months planning your big day and thought of contingencies for every possible mishap, but then the world unexpectedly shut down.  No one could have predicted the ramifications of the corona virus.  If your wedding happens to be during this crisis, you no doubt are dealing with the impact it will have on your wedding.  Even if your wedding date is after the lock-down, you may experience a significant

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Budgeting Alcohol Consumption

Budgeting for alcohol got you feeling tipsy? Check out these tips for saving money while still throwing a great party! Tiarra Sorte You want everyone at your wedding to have a good time and celebrate in style.  Glasses will be raised, and toasts will be made, but depending on your family and friends, things can get quickly out of hand.  You’ve planned your budget to the cent. You know exactly how much the

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The Benefits of a Destination Wedding

Here's why everyone should consider a destination wedding... It sounds romantic to dash off somewhere exotic to honor your commitment to one another. Somehow leaving familiar surroundings makes everything more meaningful.  A destination wedding doesn’t necessarily mean more complicated or more expensive. Depending on where you live, a wedding in the city you live could be more expensive. This is true even when you consider airfare because it is more in demand during the

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How many bridesmaids should I have?

Tips for determining the size of your Bridal Party. Social media is littered with dozens of smiling, perfectly coiffed ladies clad in matching silk pajamas huddled around the bride, but is that reality?  It sounds ideal to have every one of your friends there for every moment of your wedding, but there are many unexpected consequences to asking all your besties to be in your party.  This is your day so surround yourself with those

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Cake at your wedding? Let them eat cake!

Cake at your wedding? Let them eat cake! Wedding cakes have been part of ceremonies since the Ancient Roman times when crumbs – bread or pastry - were broken over the bride’s head to bring the couple good fortune.  While that sounds a little ridiculous, there is a rich history of how the wedding cake tradition evolved over the centuries. In times of rations, elaborate cakes were a status symbol and white cakes could only

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You’re Engaged, Now What? – First 5 Wedding Planning Steps

The First 5 Steps of Wedding Planning You’ve found Prince Charming, he proposed on one knee, and visions of your dream wedding are swirling through your head.  You’re anxious yet bursting with excitement and giggling every time you say “fiancé.” As you share your big news, it is natural for everyone to ask you “When are you getting married?”  Let this new reality sink in and savor this time for at least a

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