Here’s why everyone should consider a destination wedding…

It sounds romantic to dash off somewhere exotic to honor your commitment to one another. Somehow leaving familiar surroundings makes everything more meaningful.  A destination wedding doesn’t necessarily mean more complicated or more expensive. Depending on where you live, a wedding in the city you live could be more expensive. This is true even when you consider airfare because it is more in demand during the wedding season.  Destination weddings enable you to fulfill your dream wedding by creating an environment in which to set the backdrop and physical experience for you and your guests. Whether you are looking to transport your guests to a tropical island, rustic farm, or old-world castle, deciding on a destination wedding gives you the control to create the experience.  

Photographer Tiarra Sorte


If you select a venue that is accustomed to doing weddings, they will have the resources and recommendations to help you select ideal vendors for your wedding day. All of these vendors you would have had to decide on even if you stayed at home.  Sometimes vendors at remote locations can even be less expensive and hungrier for your business. There are endless options for weddings but having a destination vibe will help you in narrowing your decision-making options. For example, it could help with what type of dress you choose, if you hold the ceremony inside or outside, or even what your menu looks like.  Everything should hold together and fit the experience you are creating.  

Naturally, you’ll want to visit your destination which gives you both an excuse for a couple of weekend getaways during your engagement and even after you are married.  A destination wedding has the added benefit of making the occasion a multi-day event and mini-vacation for your guests. If you are committed to inviting a large group, a destination wedding tends to “thin the herd.”  It will ensure that only your most committed friends are there celebrating with you, not those just looking for an evening for a free dinner and dancing. Consider venues that require a few hour car drives. That keeps it affordable and manageable for everyone but ensures an overnight commitment.

If you are considering a winery as a venue, make sure to take into consideration a couple of things.  One, do you love their wine? You’ll be required to serve only their wines and will probably have to commit to a certain number of cases.  Most states do not allow wineries to serve spirits and will have limited if any beer offerings. Two, it may sound ridiculous, but they may not have enough bathroom facilities.  There are two lines you do not want to format your wedding; one at the bathroom or one at the bar. You want your guests to have a good time, not queuing for half an hour in lines.  

So much planning, emotional energy, and heart go into wedding preparations; it’s anticlimactic for it to be over in a day.  Playing hostess for the weekend makes the occasion memorable. Adding fun activities such as a golf or tennis tournament, boat cruise, or winery tour will enable your guests to bond with you and each other.  No gift is as priceless as a shared, memorable experience.

So grab your fiancé and your state’s top destination list and start planning your visit!