History of The Farm

This jewel of a property sat unused for four years, but had many lives from dairy farm, apple orchard, antique restoration and shop, tourist attraction with gold mining, petting zoo and cowboy barbecues, and now a tennis and event center.

As the new owners, Jacquelyn and Jeremy Jaech, we have lovingly rehabilitated the property to attract and introduce others to this charming gem tucked in the cascade mountains. Our hope is to be an economic driver for the community by creating a compelling tennis destination for tourism and an educational and community resource for local residents. We are passionate about education and physical exercise, and understand the importance of creating a social environment around each to motivate those passions in others. We believe that Harmony Meadows can fulfill this mission.

We see an opportunity for providing a supportive tennis environment for the local under served community. Our local Manson school does not field a tennis team due to no available facilities. The Chelan High School, while fielding a tennis team, leases facilities from a local condominium association and has no facilities available to them year-round. They too will benefit from using our facilities, especially in the colder months of the year when indoor facilities are required. The U.S. Tennis Association has a number of grants and programs to encourage tennis facilities to welcome and teach under served minorities, of which there are many in the surrounding area. Our philanthropic mission is to encourage children to be active and learn a social sport that can carry them through the rest of their life. Besides teaching tennis, we can provide after-school and mentoring programs for students to learn business operations, music, and arts.

A singular focus on this mission, however, isn’t financially sustainable, so we complement our mission with programs that can pay the bills. Harmony Meadows is also a tennis destination that attracts tennis tourism and sanctioned events. Bringing visitors to the lake extends the tourism season and benefits the community, but also subsidizes our educational mission. We offer tennis and wine camps during the warmer months. Attendees take tennis instruction in the morning, and following lunch explore local wineries and other attractions in the area. We also attract junior tennis tournaments and the accompanying tourism dollars. Both these activities bring in the dollars that we spend on our mission.

Our events business and especially the wedding business is also intended to subsidize our educational mission because the destination tennis business simply can’t bring in all the dollars needed to sustain our mission. Our facility is a wonderful place for celebratory events, and opening our doors for events like these not only brings a new option for people looking for great destination event facilities but also brings tourists to the lake and helps pay for our personal mission of promoting education and physical exercise.

Harmony Meadows drives significant economic activity for the town and surrounding area, while preserving the charming agricultural look and feel of the area. We have been fortunate in our past business endeavors, and see Harmony Meadows as an opportunity to make an investment in our beloved community that will make a difference in the lives of the people who live here.