Wedding Planning During a Pandemic.

You’ve spent months planning your big day and thought of contingencies for every possible mishap, but then the world unexpectedly shut down.  No one could have predicted the ramifications of the corona virus.  If your wedding happens to be during this crisis, you no doubt are dealing with the impact it will have on your wedding.  Even if your wedding date is after the lock-down, you may experience a significant decrease in guests willing to congregate.  While postponing may be a solution for you, the hassle of rescheduling all your vendors, asking your guests to hold yet another date, and starting the process over can be overwhelming.

Consider a Destination Wedding

Want to make it something special?  Switching to a destination wedding that can offer everything and take away all of that rescheduling for you can be the decadent pampering you deserve after the impact of this crisis.  Consider upping your videographer budget and share your wedding video with the guests who could not attend. There may even be a chance to live stream your ceremony! You can even go on your scheduled honeymoon and have the fabulous photos to share at your big soiree when everything is back to normal and people are looking to get out and celebrate

Think Intimate

Another potential solution we’ve discovered for some of our brides is to switch to an intimate wedding with just a handful of their closest friends and family.  Talk to your venue about hosting your intimate wedding now and booking a “reception” for your one-year anniversary and wear your dress again!  There are services that can live-stream your wedding ceremony to your guests.  Marriage is a huge commitment and should be celebrated with an emphasis on the depth and connection between you and your partner, but should not be missed by those that love you.